Our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance


Apollo is committed to a long-term sustainable approach to protecting the environment, balancing environmental considerations and social responsibility with our overall business goals.

Apollo and its managed syndicates will be socially responsible Underwriters and Investors.

Apollo teams are focussed upon efforts that will help clients and partners to transition to a low carbon sustainable economy.

Within the limit of Scope 1 and 2 Apollo intends to be net carbon zero by year end 2023.

Scope 1: This covers the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions that we make directly

Scope 2: These are indirect emissions e.g. the electricity or energy we purchase, and GHG produced on our behalf


Apollo constantly works towards increasing the diversity of our workforce and the inclusiveness of our workplace. This is aligns with the Lloyd’s Culture Matrices used to track and report on our progress and includes:

A focus on increasing the diversity and inclusiveness of our recruitment processes, as well as providing inclusion training and awareness sessions for all Apollo colleagues.

A group focused on championing inclusion and providing a high value communication link between Apollo HR and the Apollo Executive Team and Apollo employees.

Apollo also partners with external Inclusion & Diversity experts and organisations as well as sponsoring all 6 Lloyd’s partner networks.

We continue to listen to our colleagues and incorporate their feedback into our I&D work whilst offering a wide range of services to support our colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing.

Apollo offers a variety of ways to engage in volunteering and supporting charities and local community organisations.


Apollo’s Strategy will be to:

Align to the United Nations Sustainable and Development Goals (UNSDG).

We have five goals identified that we target within the next two-three years, and a further five goals by 2030. The goals help to inform our underwriting and investment appetites.

Support innovation, new technology opportunities, and clients that have a defined approach to managing transition to a lower carbon economy

Promote the use of positive ESG action with clients and through new insurance products.