Martin Jackson
Class Leader, Aviation

Our Team

Simon Mason
Head of Marine, Energy & Transportation

Lee Dunne
Executive Underwriter

Tom Hinkin
Executive Underwriter

Edward Allen
Assistant Underwriter

Ciara Barrow
Underwriting Assistant

Millie Vacher
Underwriting Assistant

Box Number 152

Our Underwriters are Aviation specialists with a proven track record for building valued, long-term relationships with both clients and brokers bringing lead expertise. ​

​Our extensive experience means we are adept in providing insurance and reinsurance solutions across all worldwide Aviation segments, with a focus on delivering a competitive product as efficiently as possible and of course handling claims in the same manner. ​

​In appetite:  ​

  • Airlines (small / medium / large)  ​
  • Aerospace (Airport & Products)  ​
  • General Aviation    ​
  • War (Hull & AVN52)  ​
  • Deductible buy down  ​
  • Contingent Insurance  ​
  • Drone Insurance  ​