Claims Service

Our Claims team are responsive and empowered to make quick decisions, which means our business can ably and skilfully support yours.

Between us our team of experts have decades of multi-class experience and are passionate about service excellence and collaboration.

We’re truly proud of our record of performing amongst the best of all Lloyd’s Syndicates, in response times and accuracy.

For further information regarding the above please use our Contact page to speak with our Claims team.

Claims Team

Simon White
Chief Claims Officer

Gary Watson
Head of Claims

Simon Melaniphy
Claims Manager, Property, Energy & Specialty

Stephanie Belcourt
Claims Manager, Marine & Liability

Ian Beckett
Claims Manager, Apollo ibott 1971

Andrew Flear
Senior Claims Handler

Scott Dinley
Senior Claims Handler

Greg Bridges
Claims Handler

Sam Elliott
Claims Handler

Fred Bender
Claims Handler

Phil Vincent
Claims Handler

Fedra Koulle
Claims Handler

Jack Botley
Senior Claims Technician

Matthew Dobson
Claims Technician